Friday, July 1, 2011

Catching Up

So, the last couple weeks have been crazy busy and a lot has happened and changed!

First, I ran a sweet 5k with my friend Julia. We did the Alice Run the Runway. What a perfect run for a couple of AF wives! It was a fun morning and we really enjoyed it! I did it in 38 minutes, so that was pretty good!

So awesome to run where hubbies fly!

Then WM found out we're headed to New Mexico!!! We are really excited about this move!!!!
Sweet New Mexico style building

Then I went to sorority convention at Disney World which was awesome! I saw old friends, made new friends, and really enjoyed being immersed in the world of sisterhood again!

CO Epsilon at Convention - undergrads and alums :D

This leads to the fact that there are only 6 days until graduation!!!!!

Also, Mack got skunked. Other than that life has been busy, but awesome!

pretty much this could have been Mack. Just imagine this in the dark...
Mack is now recovered, so don't worry!