Monday, May 27, 2013

I've Moved

Hi all! Sorry I've been gone for so long! School got crazy, I felt like I needed to reevaluate the blog, and I just wasn't sure what I wanted to share. After lots of thought and some extra work, I decided to move my blog over to wordpress and really reconfigure it. I hope you'll all join me over at the Observer's Table for new adventures in food and life.

Here's to many new adventures and new perspectives!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Motivation Monday

My favorite day on the Tone It Up Calendar is Monday. Karena & Katrina always have a motivational challenge that isn't a workout. Last week they asked us to journal goals, this week they asked us to reach out and encourage a friend. What a great way to start the week, right?

So, friends, I want to encourage you. If you are thinking about getting in your workout today, you should just do it. You will never regret working out, but you might have some regret and guilt about not working out. Take it from me, the ultimate procrastinator (as I blog before class starts...) that it is worth your time and effort.

My goodreads quote of the day seemed like a perfect reminder that routine and diligence are what lead us to freedom!

"Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty"
-Frank Herbert (author of Dune)

What's waiting for you today?????

These were waiting for me!

He needs exercise, too!
Head on over to Tone It Up to pick up your own October Calendar!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Goals & Easy Lasagna

On October's Tone It Up Calendar, this week's Motivation Monday was setting up your October Goals with long term fall goals in mind. Since sharing is a great form of accountability, I thought I'd share my goals with y'all!

My goals are centered around keeping up my workouts and healthy eating despite an insane school semester:

1. Get in 4-5 workouts a week.
2. On any day but Saturday (my rest day) that I don't workout, choose to yoga or stretching so I'm having an active rest.
3. When running focus on changing my from heel striking to mid-foot striking.
4. Cut out the carbs I've been stress eating.

On another note, I made my fav slow cooker lasagna yesterday! It's such a great technique when you're in a hurry!

The recipe is from Williams and Sonoma. Click here to head over to the recipe.

Here are my changes to the recipe:

  • Ground, seasoned, turkey breast instead of sausage
  • Part Skim or non-fat ricotta cheese
  • Whole wheat lasagna noodles
  • Nix the Parmesan cheese except on the very top
******Important note on cooking - if you do not have the super fancy crockpot featured in the recipe, cook your meet and sauce in a regular pot over the stove!!!!!!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT to put regular crock pot inserts on your stove top!!!!************

Pic is from the Williams and Sonoma website - I forgot to take a pic of mine

Monday, October 1, 2012


Today is the first of October and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Looking for a cure is a cause close to my heart. The first step to finding that cure is continuing to bring awareness to the need for a cure.

Awareness keeps doctors and scientists looking for a cure, not just perfecting treatment. Awareness brings attention so big pharmaceutical companies will see funding the development of a cure as a worthwhile investment. Awareness helps remind us to support the people we know fighting the battle with breast cancer and helps us recognize the courage of those who fought the battle and won. Awareness also helps us remember the people fought and didn't win.

My fav workout girls, Karena and Katrina at Tone It Up are sponsoring a Live Pink month to help raise awareness for breast cancer. I want to invite you to #LivePink with me and the TIU Girls for the whole month of October. Go here to find out more.

#LivePink with me?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My fav guy gets his own tv show???

I'm seriously excited! DENNIS QUAID - perhaps my fav actor is getting his own tv show this season. It's called Vegas, it's on CBS, and I think a whole season of Dennis Quaid is way better than a new movie!

Feel free to check out a quick preview here:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wonderful Pics Courtesy of NPR

Time has been flying by at a record pace with school keeping me busy. Since I haven't had time to post any recipes lately, I thought I'd throw out some eye candy I saw on NPR this week. This week, the picture show blog is featuring the found photos of Charles Cushman, an amateur photographer who began experimenting with color in the 1930's!

Here's a peek at these luscious photos:
The Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection/Indiana University
Courtesy of
To see more beautiful pics by Cushman and learn more about him, visit the NPR picture show: Lost and Found.

Hope you're as enamored as I am!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Very Important Question

Let me preface with I only ever watch two reality tv shows. My favorite came back on this week and I have a very important question.


She's been replaced!