The Girl Behind the Blog

I am a proud military wife, married to the most awesome Flyboy out there! Life has been a huge adventure since I met my husband and I am so excited to see where our lives end up going! I am currently a full time student in an Anthropology/Applied Archaeology program and really enjoying every minute of it. I'm a Christian who believes that faith is about having a relationship with God and I am so thankful for that relationship everyday! I also enjoy working out, healthy cooking (and sometimes not so healthy...), reading, and spending quality time with my hubby.

Flyboy and I are dog parents to our adopted Red Retriever (Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix), Mack. He is super sweet and I am always so thankful for a friendly face greeting me everyday when I come home.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell!
I hope you enjoy the recipes, thoughts, and workout stuff floating around here on the Flying Bread Machine!