Monday, May 23, 2011


So, I got my awesome sewing machine for my birthday and it allowed me to speedily finish up a fantastic sewing project I was working on with my good friends A and E (We'll stick with initials until I clear their moonlighting on my blog).  The project seemed simple at first. The prep work was actually startling easy. The thing that made it a bit difficult was the trim. This project was not a rectangle or square like my previous project. It was definitely rounded in lots of places. Add 1/4" double bias binding tape or whatever that stuff is called and it is not the easiest sewing. I am pleased to say they all turned out awesome and I am now an okay curvy sewer. Haha. I don't really thing that "curvy sewer" is a completely legit phrase, but it seems like a good description.

Since this project is a present for a few people, I'm going to wait till the presents have all been opened to post full pics. In the meantime, here is a zoom in of some of the fabric!

The back of one cute thing!

The back of another one - check out the skinny trim!

In other exciting news, my nephew is on his way to greet the world! So excited to meet him and so excited to see what awesome parents his parents will be!