Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Air is Strangling Me In the Dark

I know you're looking at this title and going, "What??? Has she dug up an even stranger 90's country song?" To answer the second question I imagine you're asking, the answer is no.

Basically, my running has stopped. I don't like running on treadmills and down here in TX it has been way too hot for the CO girl to get out there in the day. Tonight I decided to try my luck at running at night. It seemed like it had cooled down a little and there was a nice breeze. So, Mack and I got geared up (He got a collar and I got a headlamp) and headed out. The first quarter mile felt great. It was so breezy I couldn't even hear my music. Then after we warmed up, the humidity kicked in.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Wait, I think she likes humidity. She said once she loves the humidity. Something about not having to blow dry her hair..." I still do love humidity, I just don't enjoy strenuous activity in humidity. Tonight running counted as strenuous humidity and I thought the air was strangling me. Mack and I stayed strong; there was no giving up!

Then after we hit the mile mark we had a problem....The headlamp went dead!!!! You might think that street lights would be enough. If you think this, you have clearly never lived in Texas, land of the residential skunks. Yes, skunks.
Don't be deceived by their size or cuteness!
There were skunks all over base in our border town and there are skunks all over base here too. So at night, especially if you have a dog that thinks the skunks might be his long lost lover, you NEED a light to pick up their presence at a distance. So, after the headlamp went out, the last part of the run was aborted. All in all we only did about a mile and quarter. We did it speeding along in 15 minutes, so that was pretty good.

In other news, I managed to end up on my local sorority alumnae club executive board. I thought I just said yes to a project. Apparently I said yes to an exec position. So, that's cool. I think it will be a fantastic experience while we're here.


On this joyous note, I leave you with a picture of Mack hoarding his dessert...
Yummy Frozen Yogurt - I'm not sharing!

Now I need a nap...