Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Discoveries, like whatever happened to the Pink Ranger...

This past week/weekend has been a week of exciting discoveries. I thought a quick list would be an excellent way to share with everyone:

#1 - Where is the Pink Ranger now?
After posting a picture of the ever awesome pink ranger last week, I was left wondering what this actress went on to do post power ranger. The original Pink Ranger was played by Amy Jo Johnson. Apparently she has a seemingly successful post rangers career. She played Julie Emrick on the TV show Felicity for 2.5 years. I remember this show being a big deal, but didn't actually watch it, starred in a movie about singer Nancy Nevins (the first woman to sing at Woodstock), and is now on a tv series called, "Flashpoint" on CBS that is moving to ION. Pretty great for a girl who got her start fighting for Zordon.

#2 -
If you and your friends love reading, this is the best thing ever! It lets you show the books you're reading, review books, win free books, and talk with your friends about books.

#3 - Oysters
This weekend WM and I met up with friends and hit up Oysterfest. We enjoyed live music, watching an oyster eating contest (the women's winner at 195 oysters in 5 minutes), an oyster shucking contest, and checking out the arts and crafts tent. We tried fried oyster and raw oyster on the half shell. I liked the fried ones more, but the raw ones weren't terrible. An experience, for sure.

#4 - Don't take too long of running breaks
Ever since I let my schedule go to pieces when I hurt my foot, I keep losing motivation. Thankfully, having my awesome running buddy Alli encouraging me and keeping me accountable has helped me keep going.

#5 - Mack can be really bad when he wants too...
We left Mack at home in the backyard for awhile today and when my hubby came home at lunch, he discovered a very guilty Mack IN the house. Yes, we did leave him outside. It turns out that he decided the partially open windows would be a great opportunity to shred the screen and hop on in. Guess we won't be leaving our windows open again...He is in soo much trouble...
Don't trust that cute face...
This week, I am going to get in my next week of running training, which is a 1 mile run, 2 mile run, 1 mile run,  and a 4 mile run. Hopefully my ninja work outs will also continue to improve. 
I also signed up for the Cupcake Half Marathon. Before you get all excited about how far, I'm running, check out the website. I will not be doing this distance all at once. I get to do it over a few days. Yes! With that and my 5k this weekend, the end of March will herald 5 runs in for Run For the Bling of It! Yes!

What exciting discoveries have you made lately?