Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tasty and Healthy Fish and Chips

One of my favorite activities is reading all of the many blogs I follow. Some are my friends who write about their lives and put up recipes. Some of the blogs are people I've come across from running blogs are other recipe blogs. I love seeing everyone's creativity and the foods that everyone tries out! One of the many perks of all these blogs is coming across new recipes.

One of my absolute favorite meals is Fish and Chips. Jessica over at Bellicious Kids chooses foods that are sold premade at grocery stores and makes healthier versions of them. If you ever need a healthier version of something, her blog is a great place to look! She recently posted a recipes for home made Crispy Fish Sticks and Sweet Potato Fries. WM and I were delighted to give her sweet potato fries a try since we make so many different kinds of sweet potato fries. Both recipes were delicious! The only change I made was using half whole wheat flour in both recipes.

Health and Delicious!