Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I think the question is what haven't I done since I last blogged...

Despite all my efforts to regularly update this blog it seems I once again to a spill off the wagon...whoops.
So, I thought I'd give a giant summary of what I've been up to:

#1: Craftiness...
I've been trying to be crafty, so I made this year's Christmas newsletter cards and decided that Valentine's cards were way more fun than Christamas. So some of my dear friends got handmade Valentine's from Will and I. Another crafty project I tried out was inspired by one Lisa Leonard's blogs. It's an easy decorative project. She did hers as a small Valentine's project, but mine is giant C-130 wall art! To see Lisa's project, go here. Check out mine:
It's sideways here, so it hangs with  the plane going up. It's a C-130 in a heart. If you look closely, you can see it's 4 propellors!
#2 Running...
I am back to running. My feet are healed up and I am back on the road. After 1 week of no running and another week of light running and long walks, I'm excited to get back to my running routine this week!

#3 New Shoes...
I deduced that my running shoes were old and contributing to my sore heels, so the hubby and I checked our accounts and it was decided I could purchase new shoes. I went over to Fleet Feet here in Corpus where their awesome staff had me run around the store like a crazy till we found the right shoes. I ended up with Saucony Omni Progrid 9's. They are awesome!!! They keep my heel gripped nice and tight and have great padding.
Beautiful new shoes...
#3 Ran a 5k
I'll have more about this later, but I ran the Cupid's Chase on Saturday. It was pretty brutal after not doing a long run for two weeks. I didn't die, I didn't stop, and I did finish, so I'm going to say that it was a success...

#4 Valentine's Day
My dear hubby is back in pilot training, so week day celebrations don't happen for us. We had a great night in on Saturday instead. We bought some delicious sushi to take home from the HEB (WM picked out our rolls). We watched an episode of Bones (our favorite). We drank champagne. We made each other desserts. WM made me sopapillas!
Valentine's flowers from WM

#5 Baked Alaska
My friend Claire over at her blog Spare Thyme posted a Baked Alaska recipe back around Christmas. I found it inspiring and decided to make a Valentine's Baked Alaska for WM. I used her recipe. The only change was my ice cream flavor. I went with a swirled variety that had raspberry, white chocolate, and chunks of dark chocolate. It had an appropriate red tint for Valentine's Day. For the recipe, check out Claire's blog here.
Top View. My meringue got a little toasty, but still tasted good.

#6 Decorating Cakes...
I am taking a cake decorating class. Last week we learned about making stars and star clusters with one of the frosting tips. We practiced on cookies we brought to class. Here is one of mine.
They will get better!

#7 Read about a Million Books...
Maybe not that many, but a lot. The local librarians think I'm weird when I carry out my stack of about 14 or 15 books at least once a week. One of the stand outs this week was "Miss Harper Can Do It" by Jane Berentson. It was a quirky and sweet novel. As a military spouse I was a little sad at the end, but still really enjoyed it.
#8 Helped Mack with His Weight Loss Goals...
Mack is doing great on his smaller amount of food diet and getting even more exercise. I am happy to say most of his pudge is gone and he seems to be a much happier dog. I think my friend Julia getting a puppy named Shadow that comes to play might be part of it too!
#9 Siesta Scripture!
I'm part of a group memorizing two scriptures a month. You choose one on 1st and one on the 15th. For more info, go to Beth Moore's blog here. I think it's great and I'm so excited to share my verse for today. 

"But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

This verse is a great reminder that our weaknesses are okay. We don't have to be perfect, we just have to know when to ask God for a little help. So, this verse will help me to remember that when I feel like I can't quite do it all and feel like I'm lacking that it just gives God a chance to help me out! I also love the imagery in the NIV translation of God's power resting on me. It is very comforting me. I imagine that God's power is like a foggy hug resting on me.

#10 Drank lots of coffee
I drank coffee with my husband, with my friends, with my dog, and by myself. I'm a good Colorado girl at heart, what do you expect ;)

I think that's my life since the last update. Hopefully my race update will be up tomorrow for all you running folk!

Till next time!