Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe if I like it so much, it should be a drink, not a dip...

Have you ever enjoyed a dip so much that you purposely take a larger portion of dip than dipping material?  You do this not hoping to waste dip, but hoping to pile all that extra dip on your last chip/bread piece/vegetable so you can mainly just taste the dip and not the dipping material. Maybe you think that your glorious dip should be spooned into your mouth or perhaps sipped through a straw. I think that we all occasionally think that about some dip like food.

For me, this could be French Onion Dip or Salsa. Especially salsa. I am that girl that dips chips shards to have an excuse to eat salsa. I have gotten desperate and dipped triscuits and ritz crackers in salsa. I especially enjoy salsa verde, known to gringos like me as green salsa. It is delicious. The best kind has a hint of salt, spice from jalepenos, and the delicious taste of roasted tomatillos. So, last fall I discovered a delicious stew recipe that allows me to imagine that I can indeed spoon salsa verde into my mouth. Since the recipe is not mine, I will link you to the Simply Recipes blog site and their Tomatillo Chicken Stew.

My Personnel Recommendations for Changes to the Recipe:
If you don't have time or don't feel like roasting your own tomatillos, I would recommend the El Pinto Salsa Verde or El Pinto Mild Green Chile Taco Sauce. Both are excellent, I would stick to the mild selection because it is the soup base and too spicy of salsa can make this stew unpleasant. It's pretty thick and I would also recommend serving it over couscous instead of rice.

Delicious Salsa!

Salsa I have an excuse to spoon into my mouth sans chips!!!