Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love Fall, I Love Decorating, Wait, I LOVE LOVE Fall Decorations!

So, in my last blog I discussed my love fall. One of my favorite fall foods and decorative motifs are pumpkins. I also love the sweet and spicy scents associated with fall. It's time to get out the cinnamon and pumpkin candles!

I thought I would include a few pics of some of my favorite decorations and a picture of the one and only Mack. Mack is still the laziest dog in the world.

My wall boxes. I love changing what decorations I put in them.  The many pumpkins are delightful!
Close up of my favorite pumpkin! It's all sparkly and strawish!
I use these glass containers all year. They're great because to change the look, you just change the contents.
This one is sitting on my pretty fall table cloth on the coffee table. This year, I did wine corks mixed in with the pumpkins to liven things up.
This is our wonderful and lazy dog with his half eaten football. He's so funny!