Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meal Budgeting and Planning - The Unexpected and Wonderful Success

Since I last blogged, I have embarked upon several new endeavors and done my best to keep up with current projects. One project I've been working on is my Couch to 5k running program. I've been running with a friend and made it to Week 3 (out of 9) before getting out of the routine. So, today I pulled on the running shoes and in between rain storms, I headed out to the track to measure out Week 4. It was pretty intense. Since my running buddy wasn't around, I took my built in buddy, Mack on the run. He did really great till the last 3/4 mile. Currently, Mack is passed out on the couch wishing our run had been significantly shorter. If you are looking for a relatively easy way to get in shape, this running plan works for everyone.

Mack is exhausted. He would like to pass out.

I actually found out via facebook that my friend Claire over at Spare Thyme is also working on the Couch to 5K running program. I'm pretty excited. It means I'll have someone to compare experiences with.

Another "project" I've had going on is the latest Student Spouse Social. I had scheduled a sushi night with a SIM instructor from base.  There were 47 people signed up. It was one of the best RSVP turn out we've had. Despite all the crazy prep and stress, it went really well. Everyone had a great time and made a california roll and a tuna or salmon roll.

The ladies getting ready to make sushi

Look at all that delicious sushi being made!

Mr. Smart checking out the students' work

My newest project is meal budgeting added to my meal planning. Since my wisdom tooth surgery, we are pinching the pennies a little more around here. So, we have imposed a budged on our grocery shopping. The goal is to only spend $100 a week on all food and household supplies. The past two weeks have been the first part of my experiment. I actually came in $40 under my budget! To help me in this endeavor I am using this awesome spreadsheet. I found in on a random food website somewhere on the internet. It's already set up with columns and sections. I love it. What makes it great for budgeting is that you put in the price of the item you want to purchase and it adds it up for you. That way you can know how much you're spending before you go to the grocery store. Since I don't know how much everything costs,  I wrote down prices on my last visit and have started another spreadsheet organized alphabetically with food items and their prices. So, if you like my spreadsheet, feel free to open it and save it as your own document. I love it!

Well, I feel like I've been talking forever, so I'll say goodbye till next time. I'm off to make cheddar turkey breasts!