Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Joy of an Overhaul

I've noticed lately that the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer always seem to be a time when people decide to change their lives and do things differently. I've decided to follow the trend and see what I can do.

Number #1 - I've overhauled my blog. I changed my design and added a gadget (I feel so fancy and technical)

Number #2 - I've started working out again. For some reason, I totally slacked off and stopped working out for about three weeks. Whoops. So, I'm back at it hard. I started running and it's a way better work out than anything else I'd been doing. Plus, I got a snazzy new work out shirt from under armour. Who doesn't love new clothes?

Number #3 - I'm overhauling my recipes. Instead of cluttering my house with magazines I have been clipping, sorting and turning them into one big cook book.

Number #4 - I'm getting creative. WM and I have decided to plan a unique and fun Xmas vacation. Right now we have three original options. We'll see which one wins.

Number #5 - I am working on not being nervous about haircuts and allowing my newer stylist to do whatever she would like to my hair this coming week (We'll see if I stick to this one)

Number #6 - I have actually planted more plants in the front of my house so everything looks much more tidy and friendly.

Well, I need to to get ready for the rest of my day, so I'll leave you to think about what things you would like to overhaul, tweak, or change in your life this summer. I'm enjoying mine so far!!