Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scarf Swap 2012

Who does't want a new scarf? Who doesn't want a chance to connect with someone new? I know I'm game for both! This means the Scarf Swap is a great way to kick off my fall! I heard about the swap from a fellow Pi Phi's blog who loved it last year and who is participating again.

The creator of the Scarf Swap explains why a scarf,
"Once paired up, you will send that lovely lady a fun {new} scarf for Fall.
With all of my swaps I've set a budget-- this time I'm going to suggest 
that your scarf be no more than $20. It can be more, it can be less... 
that is at your discretion and up to your deal-finding self!
Scarves are universal, one size fits all... so it's the perfect item to SWAP!
If your partner leaves their blog address, use that as a tool to get to know their style, 
favorite colors, or the climate of where they live... if they don't have a blog-- 
strike up a chat via email, Twitter, or Facebook to get insight into what they might like!
Or you may consider sending them an email to find out about their favorite colors, 
pattern preferences or even the football team they're rooting for this Fall for team color inspiration!
Maybe you'll make a new friend in the process! 

Chelsea participated last year and is excited to join up again this year. I've decided to hop in on the fun too! If you're interested head over to the Tichenor Family blog to sign and get more details!