Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goals, Goals, Goals!

My bestie, Allie, over at A Teaspoon of Life put up her September goals on her blog. To see what she's striving for, go here. To those of you who have only recently been reading my blog, let me explain my wonderful friendship with Allie. We are sisters (sorority sisters) who realized how much we had in common only after I moved away. This means we now text, email, fb, blog, and TIU each other all the time. We talk more now than we ever did in college. This is weird and wonderful. haha.

One of our mutual interests in exercising so we can be healthy and eat delicious food. So, Allie and I became long distance workout buddies. We set goals every week and if we meet all of our goals each week for a whole month, we send each other a present in the mail. Allie is way better at goal setting than me and sets monthly goals as well as weekly goals. In order to try to live up to the awesomeness that is Allie, I'm going to throw out my goals for September, which seem to be going well so far.

Allie uses this sweet acronym for her goals. It is:

S- Specific
T- Time stamped
A- Attainable
R - Reward

So, here are my Setpember goals using Allie's sweet format.

#1 - Meet my weekly workout goals

S - Each week I set a goal of how many times I'd like to work out. So, I'd like to complete each week's goals
T - This means I'll have to work out at least 4 times a week each week.
A - This is doable because I have lots of spare time right now.
R - Not feeling as bad about not working out when we drive all the way to Nor Cal next month (4 days in the car each way)

#2 - Do every Tone It Up Challenge

S-The TIU challenges are really specific, so check in multiple times a day with TIU and do what it says
T - Set aside time each day to do said challenges
A - I'm hoping this is attainable, but it's my first month with TIU, so we'll see.
R - Staying in shape is reward enough!

#3 - Eat healthy

S - Eating health is eating lean, clean, and green. It means no fast food, no fatty comfort foods, and not over indulging on adult beverages.
T - This lasts all month
A - Will power, will power, will power
R - Enjoying myself in Sonoma next month and over indulging in vino while I'm there!

So, these are my goals and I'm hoping they go awesome!!!

P.S. Recipes will be coming soon, I've just been slacking on taking pics :D
P.S.S. If you want your booty kicked, check out the awesome shredmill work out at TIU. Go here for that.