Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love List Wednesday

I realized after rereading one of my blogs that I use the world love a lot. I think this is because I seem to feel strongly about things and normally don't just "like" things. Things I just "like" don't get mentioned because I don't feel strongly enough about them to talk about them. An example of this would be I like furniture. I don't really talk about furniture because even though I enjoy comfortable and stylish furniture, it's not something I get excited about.

So, I guess my blog is things I feel passionately about. Things I love and things I don't love (like exercise).

On that note, here are some things I love:

  • Ice Cream
A Bouquet of Ice Cream - Delicious and Beautiful

  • Results - I've lost 6.75 inches off my body so far in the 30 Day Shred (Score!)
  • Discovering fun new websites, like pinterest!

  • Cute and meaningful jewelry 
Hubs got me this for UPT graduation

  • Texas radio stations - even on the pop station they play popular country songs a lot!
  • Finishing a good book
  • Sewing projects

  • Soft fabric - like flannel and fleece
  • Star Trek - The Next Generation

  • Friends that are there for you
  • Singing along to the radio
A few current favorites: