Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Day Shredding - Half Way Done!!!

Well, today is the 16th of the month and because I totally spaced my workout day with E on Sunday, we are now half way through the 30 Day Shred.

Every day except for this past Sunday, E and I have shredded ourselves to exhaustion. I like to think it's working since we're working so hard.

On day 10, I measured myself again and found I had lost 6.75" overall. I think that's pretty good! As of today at the half way point, it's 8.75". Not a ton, but definitely a good start!

All of my shredding friends are working their inches off too and I am so proud of them for keeping on. I know first hand how much I'd really like to turn Jillian off sometimes! I'm especially proud of my Mom for jumping in a few days late and rocking out her shredding EVERY DAY since she started. Mom you are awesome!

For Allie's winner announcement for this week. Go to her blog here.

Also, I ran across this super random fb page because a friend had liked a picture. It's a running page or something. I mostly just looked through all the pics and loved them. It made me want to get out and run again! It made me want to kill those miles. I especially loved all the pics that looked like people running in crisp fall air. I thought about it and then I went outside and almost got heatstroke from the humidity. I probably won't run outside for another couple weeks, but this page is making me anticipate the moment of being able to pound the pavement again. Hopefully we'll be in NM soon and I can run in air that does not maintain a heat index of 110 all day long. Check out the fb page here.

All you runners and shredders, we can keep going!

I think most of us feel this way sometimes...