Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I almost forgot - good thing I love CHOCOLATE!

Ever have one of those weeks where you just feel like you don't actually know what day it is. Ever. Well, I have them all the time and today was not exception. I was scanning through the fb news feed and I saw that Lauren over at Idle Hands had a blog about chocolate, so I immediately clicked on it! Then I realized it was her love list on Wednesday which meant that today is love list Wednesday!!! I figured I better get on it!

Thanks for the accidental reminder, Lauren!

Today, I am not feeling so loving. My wonderful flew away on an airplane to go to some AF training. He'll be gone for a whole monthish. I say boo to that! That's life though, so I'm going to push through the bad to embrace the good by reminding myself of things I love!

So, here's what I (chocolate) love (if you didn't get that, you should go back up and read Lauren's blog):

  • My hubby! I am so sad he'll be gone, but I will be ecstatic to see him when he's back.
  • Keebler Rainbow Chip Cookies - I can eat way too many in one sitting

  • Hubby's new Apple Air - so cute and cool
  • Silly pop songs that I shouldn't admit to liking
  • When actors from shows I like make cameos or early career appearances in other shows
See above video and photo below:
Fisher from Bones also in Katy Perry's video!
Clark from Bones

Early career appearance as a rapper in Numb3rs
Mr. Shue from Glee

Rapist Cop on Numb3rs (awkward)

  • Framboise Lambic - So amazing, if you're of age, you should try it

  • Mack - (I always list Mack) he's such a great companion, especially when the hubs is gone

On a side note, I hope all the Shredders out there are killing on Day 3 - I know E and I are!!