Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Only Thing That Stays the Same is Everything Changes - Time Marches On

Who doesn't love 90's country? "Time Marches On" By Tracy Lawrence is one of those wonderfully unforgettable songs. Time has been marching on for us here and nothing seems to stay the same.

Some of you may remember that I had a countdown going for how many days till WM graduates from UPT. The last time I was here, that count was in the 60's. As of today there are
days till UPT is over and WM has his wings! I cannot believe how low that number is getting. Hopefully a couple weeks sooner than that we'll find out where we're headed next.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is going to Pi Beta Phi Convention with my sisters!!! There are 
days till I fly to Orlando for convention and 

till I see some of my old collegiate friends who are arriving on Friday. Sooo excited!
I love my sisters! Can't wait to take some new pictures with you ladies!

I also turned the delightful of age of 24 this past weekend. I was delighted to find that my hubby and parents went in on a gift and bought me my very own sewing machine. I have been sewing away all week and cannot wait to keep trying new projects on it!
Yes, my new sewing machine is pink...

Some changes I'd like to broadcast to everyone are:

My friend Allie over at Cook Read Run has relocated and can now be found at A Teaspoon of Life. Everyone should go see her new site and leave her lots of love. Don't forget to tell her congrats on graduating tomorrow!!!

If you're a Pi Phi blogger, you should check out this fantastic blog that is helping all of us Pi Phi bloggers connect. Go here to check that out. I sure love my sisters!
I almost forgot, here is May 15th's Siesta Scripture verse:
"The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He delivers those who are discouraged."
Psalm 34:18 NET Bible

Such great words to remember when we experience pain and discouragement. I am so glad to know that my God delivers and is faithful.
For Beth Moore's thoughts, go here.

I think that is about everything here. Just remember - Time Marches On!

P.S. Here's a special tidbit for all my fellow 90's country music fans: