Sunday, March 13, 2011

Race Report #4

Despite the beautiful scenery, this was not a beautiful race! Last week, I started a new running plan that has  me doing more short runs with one long run a week. So, I was counting on this week's runs to get my body back to about the 5k distance. I was on track as of Monday, but Tuesday was really busy and I got a job lead. I followed up that evening and was employed Wednesday morning. Since we're just in Corpus for a little bit, I've been looking at part time work. My new job is working at a horse boarding stable. It's so great being around the horses. I took riding lessons as a kid and have always loved horses. Being able to work out at the barn is the best thing ever! The only drawback to my new job is that I am not used to the level of physical work required for this job. Basically, I come home from work in the early AM super exhausted and conserve my energy to head back to work in the afternoon. One day this week, I got in a short run around lunch time, but I was so tired from work, I thought I might collapse on the sidewalk. So, after this long and hard week, my 5k on Saturday was not looking pretty.

The race was the Whooping Crane Strut in Rockport, TX. The run went on a path along the beach through a nature preserve. I really enjoyed all the birds flying around and the breeze when I wasn't desperately hoping/looking for the turn around. I ended up doing this run in 39:45 and powered through the last half mile. I think I was practically flying so I could cross the finish line and be done. Probably, the only additional hickup was forgetting my long sleeve running shirt at home. I was really cold at the beginning of the race, so I kept my sweater on, but ended up taking it off while running and repinning my number during the end of the first mile.  Whoops.

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I can definitely do better. I'll leave you with a couple pics and then I'm off to see the horses!

Starting out

Pressing on!