Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cake Decorating Strikes Back!

Yes, I am a secret Star Wars nerd. Wait, I guess that isn't secret anymore...whoops...

Anyway, I said awhile back I'm taking a cake decorating class. The class is being offered at my local Hobby Lobby and the class I'm signed up for is a cake decorating basics class. Last time I posted about my class, I showed a picture of one of my cookies covered in stars. This last week we did a lot more than make stars on a cookie!

We had to bring a batch of medium consistency icing, a batch of thin consistency icing, a cake, filling (if we wanted to fill our cakes), and all our other cake decorating supplies. I made a chocolate cake and brought raspberry jam for filling.

In class, we torted (fancy cake term for cutting your cake in half to ready it for filling) our cakes, made a frosting dam to contain our filling, filled our cakes, reassembled our cakes, and frosted! There is a particular frosting method, so that part was not as easy as it sounds.

We also learned a couple decorating techniques that involved making dots, and this cool, bubbly fill in method. We also did sweet zigzags with a tip similar to the star tip.

After frosting our cakes with thin consistency icing, we did piping gel transfers. This basically involves transferring a predrawn image from parchment paper to the cake. It makes really great outlines that you can fill in later. For my transfer, I did a cute fish!

Then at home, I used my second cake and did some freehand decorating. I made a cupcake design with green paper and pink frosting.

To get rid of all of my cake we had a really great wine and dessert night at my house yesterday.

If you ever wanted to try cake decorating, but were nervous about it, you should give it a try. This class is surprisingly easy and if I can do it, you can do it!

Free hand Cupcake Design cake

Torted, rasberry filled Fish cake (WM called it the Nemo cake)
P.S. Our temperatures are starting to get warmer again here. I am so glad!