Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run For the Bling of It - Race #2

Today was my 2nd Run for the Bling of It race! I was really nervous about the Surf-n-Turk 5k because of all the running on the sand. Every time I practice ran on the sand it completely wrecked my time. I went today hoping all my practice would pay off, but ended up with a lot higher of a time than I would have gotten on straight pavement. Oh well. It was a great day for a run and I got to run along the beautiful Gulf Coast on North Padre Island.

My total time for today's 5k was 39:29. Definitely slow, but not horrible either. I don't really track my speed per mile, but I would bet my first mile was the fastest because it was mostly on the pavement. Since I don't have a Corpus Christi running buddy yet, my awesome hubby comes out and watches and takes pictures of me! So great to have a built in photographer. I keep trying to get him to run with me, but running just isn't his thing.

All the race money today went to the Padre Island Baptist Church's mission fund, so that was awesome. I love knowing my entry money is going to a good cause. Plus, the mission committee made pancakes this morning and just asked for a donation if you ate some. I treated myself to one pancake post run. It was delicious.

With this run being so much bigger, they had door prizes afterward which was awesome. I was hoping for the gift card to the running store, but ended up getting a gift card for a month of free JAZZERCISE. First off, to any jazzercise fans that read this blog, I'm sorry, but I didn't know anyone actually did jazzercise anymore. So, I'll probably eventually use it just because it's free, but I keep having images of Richard Simmons in my mind....

Pre Race jitters!

Coming out of the starting shoot

Heading off for the one strip of pavement

Pavement between the beach grass

Passing more people!

Just crossed the finish line!

The beach where we ran - way down you can kind of see a pink buidling, we went all the way down there, turned around and went past where I'm standing.

Beautiful beach on North Padre Island

My Bling - T-shirt, bag of coupons, and jazzercise coupon!
Now my feet are killing me!!! That much running on sand make me thankful for running on pavement. I'll be glad to get back to runs where every step does not have the momentum sucked out of it! Cupid's Chase in February, here I come!!!