Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going, Going, Almost Gone!

Hubs and I had a great time looking at houses in Corpus Christi last week. Unfortunately we didn't like any of the off base houses in our price range (the first three smelled like cat pee). So, we opted to go with base housing. Unlike our border town base housing, the Naval Station base housing is wonderful! We got a three bedroom, 2.5 bath. The houses are only 6 years old and are in great condition. The best part of our new house is the OCEAN VIEW from the backyard. All in all, we are pretty happy.

As exciting as moving is, the process of sorting through stuff, scheduling movers, and trying to clean to unreasonable base housing standards is a bit trying. That combined with the business of the holidays is certainly going to make for an interesting couple of weeks...

The one project I'm really excited about are the thank you gifts I'm making for a few close friends who have just been awesome while we've been here. Since a couple of them read this blog, I'm not going to disclose method and recipe till they're delivered. I do promise a cute holiday present idea complete with a picture.

Beyond house stuff and holiday stuff, this weekend is my 5k. This means I am officially freaking out. I have not run all week. Despite my inability to keep to a schedule, I'm still running it. It starts Saturday at 8:00 am, so send your prayers and positive thoughts my way :D

Does anyone have some good last minute running tips for my first 5k since I started running regularly?????

The moving process has begun...