Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cat Wars and Target Practice

Before anyone gets too concerned about the title of this blog and whether they should call PETA or not, let me tell you, no animals were harmed in the events leading up to this blog.

To start my tale, the reader must understand that in my border town, things are already starting to warm up. It's in the 60's & 70's on a regular basis and it's barely March! So, being a true lover of beautiful things, I have decided to start gardening. I'm not really very good at gardening, but I enjoy giving it a try. When we first moved down here, I tried my hand at gardening and bought some gorgeous prebloomed flowers at the local hardware store. They looked great for about 5 days before about 70 % of them died. So far, there are three plants left that might bloom again this year. Only time will tell.

After last year's depressing plant happening, I thought that buying seeds might be better. That way, if they die I just don't ever see them. It's less sad that way. Seeds are a lot more work, though. I have 9 different pots out back full of garden herbs (will be awesome if they grow) and I'm getting ready to put a flower seed mix in the flower bed out front. The soil here is terrible, so I spent a lot of time trying to weed it and then mix in potting soil. It was all going well until I discovered a deposit of cat droppings! No joke, some neighborhood cat had made a litter box out of the corner of my empty flower bed. Not okay! I cleaned up the mess and sought advice on how to get rid of the cat. Someone suggested mothballs and that did not work. So, I went back to the cat butt burning old stand by of red pepper flakes. So far, the cat has not returned. If it does, I may have to take more drastic measures. Only time will tell...

On that note, my husband has an awesome slingshot! He bought it while we were at ASBC and currently has metal buckshot for it. We're planning on purchasing less destructive ammo, but for now, it is what it is. Tonight we were a little bored and decided to get in some target practice. WM stuffed a box with old t-shirts and we drew our own targets to put on each side. Any guesses about what I drew????
Anyway, I successfully hit the box about 3 times. Maybe 4. I guess I just need more practice.

Well, I'm off to eyeball some cake recipes for later this week!
Adios from the border!