Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm sorry, I think I got lost...

So I said I'd be back over Spring break. I can safely say that didn't happen. I must have gotten lost between then and now. Ooops.

I'd love to stay and chat and share recipes (I have been cooking a lot) and everything else, but unfortunately between making time for school, seeing my husband, working out, getting some time with God, and more school I have to run.

On that note, here are some snazzy motivational thoughts that I think apply not only to fitness, but to school, and life in general!

Also, if you are doing the Tone It Up/Self Magazine Drop 10 Challenge, today's Double Play HIIT run made me feel like this:

Glorious! The pup and I even set a PR for our mile/min time!!

If you want to feel like this, go here to check it out!