Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's On

I have not been running much lately. I've just been enjoy the awesome Tone It Up ladies and their awesome workouts I can do in my living room. Spring is definitely here (I have a sunburn from weeding in my front yard to prove it). And the COLOR RUN IS ONLY 69 DAYS AWAY!!!!!

Wait, you want to know what the Color Run because I never mentioned it?? It's a run a found out about via another Pi Phi blogger. She and her buddies did it in Dallas. I found out that there would be one in Denver, so I asked my long distance workout buddy, Allie  and my awesome brothers (yes, I have two of those) to do it with me. So, we are a team of 4 plus one of Allie's work friends, so a Team of 5 and we are running it together.

This is from the official Color Run website Gallery

The cool thing about the color run is that you wear a white shirt and at ever kilometer they throw colored powder on you. The run in Denver support the Children's Hospital, which is a great cause, so that is even better. We have dubbed ourselves Team Fruit Salad and Allie is searching for fake fruit tattoos for us to put on.

If you're interested in finding a Color Run near you or signing up for Denver one, go here.

To be inspired about the running it or just see flying powder, watch this awesome video from their website:

So, basically it is on! I am back in the game to get ready for the Color Run!