Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top 10 Workout Must Haves

Life has sure been busy with school, home, and life. I'm so happy I've gotten into a workout routine where I am working out everyday! It gives me so much energy and it makes me feel really great. Since I spend a decent amount of time working out and in workout gear, I thought I'd share My Top 10 Workout Must Have's:

1. ON Women's Active Sports Bra   2. Tall Running Tights  3. Saucony Women's ProGrid Omni 9 Running Shoe

4. Aveeno Face Continuous Protection Sunscreen  5. A Music Playing Device w/Arm Band  6. Yoga Mat

7. Handweights   8. Workout Capris & Trusty Baseball Cap  9. Sweet Workout Tunes  10.  Workout Resources 

These are what I use on a daily basis. I run, get some other cardio in, and do a lot of strength training.

My favorite product out of all of these are my AMAZING running shoes. I get plantar fasciitis, which is basically when the muscles under your heel get too stressed and have little rips that are really painful. So, to counter this, I need tons of heel padding and support. I have not had a reoccurrence since I switched to my Saucony's!

Tone It Up is definitely right behind my shoes. The awesome ladies over there put out great workouts, know how to motivate people, and provide a great community to get workout support from. It's free and if you're looking for a new kind of working out to get you motivated, TIU is a great place to get started. Go here to check it out.

What are your workout must haves????