Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recipe Catch Up - My Favorite Cook Book EVER

One of my favorite projects I started since I got married is my recipe book. I have subscriptions to Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. I love all the recipes that come out of these magazines, but it gets really inconvenient to have tons of magazines laying around. Not to mention I can never remember which issue any recipe is in. So, forever ago, I started clipping recipes and organizing them by major ingredient category and then alphabetically in a binder.

I was doing great! Then we moved....haha. I realized this week I had about 6 months worth of Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens and a rando Cooking Light that magically appeared in my house. So, yesterday and today, I turned on some TNG (that's Stark Trek: Next Generations to you people who don't know what that is) and got to work. I finished up today and am so excited to have rediscovered so many new recipies! So excited!

If you'd like to make your own, you need:
1 super cute binder
Magazines with recipes
Plastic page protectors (one for every two recipes)

Step #1 - cut out all your recipes
Step #2 - figure out how to divide up your book (I have mine set up as: Soup/Salad, Beef/Pork (and lamb), Chicken/Turkey, Fish, Sauces/Drinks/Desserts)
Step #3 - Divide your recipes into above sections and alphabetize them
Step #4 - Put the recipes in the page protectors with one recipe showing on each side
Step #5 - Put it all in your binder and you have your own cook book
Step #6 - Periodically add new recipes from your magazines to your cook book

I also have a mini file folder thing that I keep interesting articles in.

Too many magazines!!!

Look how fat it's gotten

Check out the start of the beef section

Other articles