Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Year to an Organized Life Experiment - Week 1 - Time Managment...

Ms. Leeds uses this first section to help the reader journal to look at their time management skills. The journal segment is designed to help the reader look at their past to see how that is effecting their present. If you’re organizing along with me, answer these questions as honestly as you can in your journal. Notes that italicized with the questions are the author comment’s on the questions.

Journal #1

Question #1 – These questions are about your home of origin.  Were your parents on time or do you remember both of them being chronically late? What specific memories do you have regarding time?

Question #2 – How were you affected by parental dramas regarding time? Did you have one on time parent and one habitually late? How did you feel about each of them? Often we identify with one parent and emulate their behavior.

Question #3 – Moving forward, were you a person who was always on time until something happened that derailed your usual modus operandi? It’s powerful to understand the catalyst to change.

Question #4 – Your reaction to being late: Does it bother you to be late? Often being late is how we draw attention to ourselves. If arriving late makes you feel terrible, it could also point to low self-esteem.

Leeds then discusses setting goals as she continues with the journal section. Here are a few notes on what Leeds says about setting goals:
            Be specific about the changes.
Write your goals in the present tense and not the future tense. This helps you keep yourself accountable (i.e. I make the bed every day instead of I will make the bed every day).
Keep your goals realistic. You don’t want to set yourself up to fail.

The next journal project is to make a list of what takes up time in your life. It does not have to be in any particular order. Here’s my list:
            Grocery Shopping
Keeping up with family and friends
Grey’s Anatomy & Bones

After you make your list, read the following questions/statements and decide if you need to make any changes.
            Your list reflects who you really are.
Is there anything you need to eliminate to make room for other things that didn’t make your list?
Be prepared to make changes in your life to bring your time into balance.

For more in depth thoughts, not summaries and for more journaling activities, check out the first week of the kitchen chapter in Regina Leed’s, “One Year to an Organized Life”.

How are you doing on your 21 day habit? So far, I’m doing great. I’ve made my bed every day so far!!

Look at that made bed!! I just made the king size pillow cases at the back. My first big sewing project!

Close up of pillow fabric - I have a great sewing teacher :D