Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cupcakes and Fat Albert...They sound like they go together...

Today was a fantastic day!! I got my January and February 100% goals met presents from my amazing running buddy Alli. She got me a very cute hanging frame with an my last initial in it and some awesomely cute vase filler! It was all perfect and I loved it! I sent off her February present in the mail today!

Today I also got to tour Fat Albert. Fat Albert is the C-130 that goes with the Blue Angels all around the country. It's usually flown by Marines and is pretty cool. It doesn't exactly do barrel rolls, like the Blue Angels, but it can do some awesome stuff. Check out this video about Fat Albert. They're having an Air Show at our base in April and I was hoping to see the JATO takeoff because it is amazing (watch the video), but the wonderful Capt. Blanton that gave us our tour said they're not doing that stunt anymore because the jet fuel packs are getting harder to find or something like that. Anyway, my hubby will eventually fly an Air Force C-130 so it was fun to walk around inside the plane and check it out.

Fat Albert
Today was also the 3rd week of my cake decorating class. Class was really quickly paced tonight and we learned several new techniques. We decorated and filled cupcakes. I thought mine turned out pretty well!

There they are in all their glory! I only decorated six.

Shaggy Mum

Poofy things



All in all it was a pretty great day!