Friday, January 7, 2011

Running, Memorizing, and Rocking Out - All With New Motivation!

Well, I already shared that I am taking part in the Run For the Bling of It Challenge. I am super excited for my first run of 2011, now on the 22nd (I added an extra run to January). Though that challenge will provide a decent amount of motivation, I have now gotten even more motivation!!!!

My awesome friend Alli over at Cook Read Run and I have decided to set weekly goals on Monday and encourage each other to meet them. If we meet all of our goals for a whole month, we will then send each other a small present! I am so excited, mainly because I already have an awesome thing picked out for Alli and I can't wait to send it to her at the end of the month (I know she'll be able to meet her goals, she is awesome!!!!). I think this will be a really good exercise in keeping my goals attainable for me. Right now, my goal is at least three runs a week, each one being about three miles in length. As of right now, I have completed this week's goal, with an extra quickie from yesterday added in! Score!

I am also doing another cool blog centered challenge that involves memorizing! One of my favorite Christian authors/teachers in Beth Moore. If you haven't done one of her Bible Studies and you like Bible Studies, you should totally try one. She has so much wisdom to share and she is very much Bible based. This week, I happened to notice on my friend Miranda's blog at ramandajoy that she is doing a year long scripture memory challenge on Beth Moore's blog. Basically, you memorize two verses of your choice a month and comment with your verse on Beth's blog on the 1st and 15th of the month. For more details and how to get involved yourself, check out her explanations and directions here.
My verse for the 1st half of the month is:
"This is what the Lord says, 'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'"
Jeremiah 6:16
I love this verse because of the reminder that you have to go back to the ancient words of the Bible to find the path God wants you to be on. Plus, the imagery of crossroads and ancients paths seem to stir my soul. 

ROCKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems like a million years ago, but back in late November/early December I made 6 running playlists (plus a Christmas one) to give myself variety. I am such a boring girl, I have decided I really enjoy playlist two and use that one the most. haha. To catch a list for playlist two, go here. Some of it is pretty old school, but it's still awesome. Some hip hop, some Jesus tunes, a little rock, and who doesn't love EMF? Anyway, I have been rocking out to "Unbelievable" as I run. I may look a little silly, but it helps me keep going. 

Hubs is getting ready to head off to water survival next week and hopefully after he gets back, my blog will be taken over again by new recipes. I have a bunch I'm excited to try, so keep an eye out!

P.S. I also bought new running clothes and that is always a motivator - $4 running shorts at Old Navy - super bargain!

The cove near my running route!