Saturday, January 22, 2011

Run For the Bling of It - Race #1

Well, today was the day of my first Run for the Bling of It race. For more information on Run for the Bling of It, go here. I participated in the Corpus Christi Roadrunner Running Club's January Fun Run. It ended up being a 4 mile run at West Guth Park in Corpus Christi.

When I work up today, I thought to myself as I looked outside, "I thought I live in Texas..." At the park, there was frost on the ground and trees and a major nip to the air. It was probably the coldest run I've done in awhile. I'm really hoping my beach 5k next Saturday is warmer!

This was the longest race I've done to date. The flier said it was 3-4 miles. I thought I'd get the option to run either distance, but I was wrong. So, I set a personal best for distance (I know it's not very far) and I'm willing to guess my time was a personal best also, so all in all a good run.
I did it in 39 minutes!!!!

The bling wasn't excessive since it was a running club run, but it was still pretty sweet!