Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fat???? I thought he was supposed to look like that?!?!

Last week, Mack had a vet appointment. It wasn't too big of a deal. When you move to a new military base and live on base, you have to get your dog registered with the base. They check to make sure their immunizations are up to date and in the last couple years have mandated having your dog micro-chipped. For Mack's vet appointment he was getting a quick dog physical, the rabies vaccine he had just come due for, and a new prescription of Heart Guard and Frontline. The reason he wasn't micro-chipped already was the last base we lived on was a little lax with dog registration and didn't require us to micro-chip him. Since Mack is anything but a runner, we didn't bother.

The visit ended up being anything but normal. Hubs was at water survival training, so I was on my own. I a had asked the vet to check out a weird bump on Mack's right front paw. The vet acted very concerned and told me that if it didn't go down with spray on antibiotics that we would need to get the bump biopsied. He didn't say directly that it was cancer, but mentioned that cancer is the leading killer of golden retrievers and that we should test the bump if it didn't heal in a day or two. Thankfully, a full week later, the bump has scabbed over, shrunk, and almost completely healed. So, Mack is in the clear.

The vet also told us that Mack has become a chub!!! It was decided that Mack needs to loose at least 5 lbs. He's gotten so chubby that we had to bump his dosage of Heart Guard. The vet tech felt bad for us and gave us some puppy sample doses to go with his normal doses until he loses weight. You might wonder how I didn't notice his weight gain. I wonder this too. I think it's all his hair. You just don't notice how chubby a dog is when he has hair as long as mine! 

Since our vet visit, Mack and I have upped our running and Mack has had his daily food amount reduced. This is Mack's response to dieting.

Nothing like a toy to tear up when you're hungry...

No one like diets
Mack and I have been picking up our running so I'll be ready to do my first Run for the Bling of It run on Saturday! I'm so excited! Woo!!!