Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back for the Long Haul With Some Delicious Bread!

Sorry for the long absence! We've been pretty busy and honestly I've tried to sit down and blog, but haven't been able to find the right words. It could be anxiety or good old fashioned writer's block. Either way, there have been no blogs. I figure I won't get over my writing issue unless I just get it done, so here I am back with a brief update and a delicious bread recipe (see the link at the end of my blog)!

First off, Halloween came and went. We ran out of candy after an hour of trick or treaters. Apparently on base you need a lot of candy. We've been trying to keep our food budget even lower, so there have been fewer blog worthy recipes  or repeats you've already seen. The food has been good and the budget low, so no complaining there.

The new Bible Study has been fantastic! One of things that struck me in the last couple weeks was a part about priorities. It had you list all the things you plan. I plan a lot, but planning my day to day Bible Study time wasn't one of those things. So, I'm working on making sure I plan that time from now on. God should always be a priority in my life!

WM is now T-6 complete!!! This is probably the most exciting happening of the last couple weeks. For those of you not immersed in the Pilot Training Culture (which is probably most of you) that means that Will has finished the first half of his Pilot Training. For the first half everyone learns to fly the T-6. After they finish that, they have an event called Track where they find out what follow on trainer they will finish their pilot training in. Each trainer has a distinctive purpose. There are T-38's which are the trainers to fly fighters and bombers (and a few other things), T-1's which are to fly cargos and refuelers, UH-1's to fly helicopters, and T-44's to fly C-130's. WM has put in for T-44's first and T-38's 2nd. This means that if WM gets his first choice, we will move to Corpus Christi, TX to continue his training. I sure wouldn't mind moving to the beach! They keep changing the date for Track, but if all goes as it's currently planned, it will be tomorrow evening sometime. Crazy how time flies!!!

We also took a quick day trip to Garner State Park in the Texas Hill Country. It as gorgeous and the weather was perfect (mid 60's). It was Mack's first hiking trip and he did great! Getting out of our border town and heading to hills was fantastic!

Mack testing out the river water

Gorgeous views at Garner State Park
Last week I tried a new bread recipe and it was fantastic! Click here check out the recipe for Mexican Chocolate Bread.