Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Departure from Sweets, Crazy Homework, and Way to go, I have officially lost 8 lbs since starting my diet!

So, I never got around to posting the rosemary cookie recipe. Sorry about that. It was in the April Better Homes and Garden if you really want to see it. Currently, my fly guy finally started UPT! We are very excited. The last couple days were tons of briefings, but now it's all the fun stuff. My biggest decision so far is what to make over the weekend for him to share with his fly guys in his class. I'm thinking Banana Split Muffins (They are delicious!)

While Will starts his school I am winding down my semester. Actually, I think because of all the homework I have to still accomplish, I might be going out with a bang. Haha.

I just finished dinner and set the table. It would just be awesome if my fly boy arrived home soon.

Well, back to the waiting for me!