Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Procrastinating Indefinitely

So, I created this blog about a month ago. In my usual fashion, I have procrastinated posting the first actual post. Don't think I'm lazy or unmotivated, just busy.

In the last month, I have had to really work on my uptake and retention of acronyms. While this blog was created in January, my fabulous husband, to be known in this blog as WM, was off at his latest round of Air Force Training. The program was called IFS (Introductory Flight Screening), the last step in his pretraining for UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training). It was about 3.5 weeks long. During those weeks he worked long days and flew in a tiny plane called a DA-20(I think). In his words, "it has the same motor as a lawn mower."

While he was learning, I was taking a condensed college Comm class. It was on American Cinema. I watched a lot of movies, tried to learn a lot of technical terms, and wrote a couple papers. Then, I continued my jet setting lifestyle and headed up to Seattle for my cousin's wedding. It was gorgeous and fun. After a few travel hickups, I ended up flying back to my little border town.

Since we've been back, I've gotten a job and worked a ton on other class work (Yuck!).

Then we went on vacation to Taos. I know, it's a rough life. While there, I did homework (noticing a theme), planned stuff for my new job, and tried skiing again. My skiing seemed successful. That was mostly thanks to my awesome instructor, Cathy. Then we drove the million years back to our border town with a stop at Roswell. Who wants to pass up the Alien museum? Not me!

Anyway, there will be more to come, maybe more interesting things to come...